Wayne Downer from NZ Lure Masters reviews the Daiwa 19 Certate LT Spinning Reel.

Finding a spinning reel that does everything you want can be a difficult task, especially when targeting large fish. When considering a reel the main things I look for are – a smooth drag system, light weight, and quality waterproofing. All of which I have found in the 19 Certate LT.

It’s hard to put into words how important a smooth drag is. Anxiety levels are high when a big fish smashes your softbait and takes off into the shallows. In this moment having a reel with a drag that will perform faultlessly is invaluable, effortlessly slowing the fish down and allowing you to concentrate on the fight. In my opinion having a smooth drag is the single most important feature of a fishing reel when fighting a big fish, and the ATD drag on the 19 Certate is the smoothest of any reel I have ever used.

Searching the shallows for these large Snapper is hugely rewarding, but it can be many casts before you finally hook the fish you want. Having a lightweight reel allows for constant use without fatigue – and the 19 Certate LT 3000 weighs in at only 210g! Constantly thinking about where a big fish might be holding is a key component to success and making sure your casts are accurate all day will give you every chance to find the fish you came for.

Fishing out of a centre console is extremely demanding on gear. Constantly exposed to salt spray, reels have to be tough to survive the conditions and not fail prematurely. The Magseal waterproofing in the 19 Certate has allowed for extended service intervals, and when combined with the one-piece Monocoque Body forms a system that is very effective at preventing saltwater ingress even in adverse water conditions.

The Daiwa 19 Certate LT ticks all the boxes for me. It has been a great reel and has stood the test of time on my boat.

- Wayne Downer

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