Terms and Conditions for Fan Gallery submission

Uploading of an image to the Daiwa Fan Gallery is deemed acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  1. PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: All photo(s) submitted must meet reasonable standards of decency. Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd has the sole discretion to determine whether a photo meets these requirements.
  2. ANNOUNCEMENTS: By submitting a photo for entry, each entrant hereby agrees to participate in any publicity related to this. Entrants and winners in the competition agree that their identity may be disclosed in winner announcements and promotional material. Winners also agree to have his/her image used for publicity purposes without any additional payment being made.
  3. PHOTO USAGE: By submitting a photo, the entrant agrees to allow Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd permission to use the image for the purposes of promoting Daiwa, now and into the future, at no cost to Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd. The entrant also agrees to allow Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd to use their photo for printed collateral, online, in store and across other marketing mediums, at Brittain Wynyard Ltd’s sole discretion and at no cost.
  4. PHOTO TALENT: By submitting the photo, the entrant declares that they have the permission of all individual(s) captured in photo(s) to share and publish their image.
  5. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: In submitting a photo for entry, the entrant declares that they have taken the photo, own, and have sole and complete intellectual property rights to the photo. The entrant will indemnify Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd against any claim, loss or costs incurred by Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd where a third-party claims ownership of the rights to a photo. Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd reserves the right to request proof of photo ownership.
  6. PERSONAL INFORMATION: The collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided in connection with the Daiwa Fan Gallery is governed by the Privacy Laws of New Zealand. Your personal information shall not be provided to any third parties, but you do authorize Brittain Wynyard Ltd to be able to contact you with information pertaining to the competition or the Daiwa brand.
  7. PHOTO WINNER NOTIFICATION: 30 images will be chosen at the end of the competition period, starting 06/03/18 and ending 06/04/18. 20 will be selected by Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd, while 10 will be selected by Top Catch. Winners will be notified by the email address provided. If after seven days the winner cannot be contacted, the prize giveaway will be withdrawn.