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Kohga Slider Lure Selection
Lure Selection

When selecting the correct Kohga you must consider two primary variables; water depth and current. You want to select the lightest weight that can easily make contact with the bottom as this will maximise the lures action on descent. The secondary consideration is colour; as a loose guide we recommend Sakura Glow/Kohga Pink for the morning and Kohga Orange/Chartreuse for the afternoon.

Kohga Slider Tapered Head
Rigging Kohga

The Kohga has a tapered head shape which enables it to effectively adapt to high and low current situations to maintain optimal lure action. When fishing in high current the thin side of the Kohga should face forwards, and conversely when in low current the thick side should face forwards.

Kohga Slider Lure Descent
Lure Descent

The Kohga features a tapered keel design increasing stability while the lure is falling while creating an attractive side-to-side wobbling motion. While the Kohga is descending through the water column make sure to keep contact with your line and listen for any variations in movement, any unusual feeling could be a fish biting.

Kohga Slider Lure Winding
Retrieving Lure

When retrieving the Kohga simply wind slowly; approximately 1 handle revolution per second will be sufficient. After the initial drop you can begin testing slight variations in winding speed; due to factors like metabolism, bait source, and level of activity, fish will often respond differently. By varying speed you can identify the most effective retrieve speed for a certain situation.

Kohga Slider Water Column
Water Column

When fishing with the Kohga it is critical to keep the lure within the correct area of water column at all times. Snapper will typically hold close to the bottom and rise 10-20m (depending on total depth) when actively feeding. Make sure to reference your fishfinder when determining what area to target. Keeping the Kohga moving within this area will greatly increase the chance of getting a contact.

Kohga Slider Lure Snapper Fish
Catching Fish

When you feel a bite do not strike with the rod, simply continue moving the lure until you feel the weight of the fish. The ultra-sharp SaqSas hooks will penetrate effectively with minimal pressure. When fighting the fish, allow the rod/drag to absorb sudden runs, maintain even pressure on the fish and simply retrieve line when possible.

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