The Daiwa Kohga Bayrubber Free is the most technically advanced sliding Kabura in the New Zealand market. Leading lure designers from Daiwa Japan have masterfully re-crafted the Kohga to specifically suit the requirements of New Zealand anglers; making these the perfect slow jig for targeting BIG Snapper!

Kohga Bayrubber Free Technical Features:
  • • Polished Ceramic Tube has an extremely smooth surface to efficiently dissipate heat, protecting the leader as the lure slides.
  • • Hydrodynamic keel design increases the lures stability and sink rate ensuring optimal presentation in the correct area of the water column.
  • • Tapered head design enables the lure to adapt to high and low current situations to maintain optimal lure action.
  • • Holographic stickers reflect light creating flash and increasing interest.
  • • Plastic bumper protects the leader knot from the sliding weight.
  • • Securely attached skirt is glued in place, whipped with thread and then glued again to increase longevity.
  • • Kevlar Assist Cord with a fluorocarbon core provides optimal hook placement and prevents hooks snagging on the leader.
  • • Ultra sharp Japanese SaqSas hooks increase penetration by up to 40% to ensure a secure hook set with minimal pressure.