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In contrast to conventional carbon fibers, where the fabric structure always is 2-dimensional oriented, DAIWA has developed a 3-diminsional carbon fiber material.

The interwoven 3DX carbon fibers are integrated into the blank during manufacturing. This "skeleton" enhances the compression, improves the flexural strength and makes the blank faster.

Thanks to the new 3DX carbon fiber material, the blank compression is considerably improved. The rod features always the same power transmission – regardless the direction of movement. Additionally the rod features obviously reduced torque – more precise casts are the consequence.

Braiding X

Braiding-X construction which reinforces the blank and reduces blank twist.

Fuji componetry

It’s not coincidence that Fuji components remain the highest quality rod components worldwide. The Japanese are famous for their fastidious dedication to quality and equally known for their commitment to innovation. Together, these mantras result in a global force that drives an entire industry. Every major improvement for over four decades has been nurtured and born of Fuji. The first ceramic ring; technology that eliminated shock rings; deep-pressed ring design; titanium; single leg frames; stamped, no-weld frames; proprietary polishing techniques; innovative frame finishes, coatings and plating; and recently, tangle-free frame designs...ALL first came from Fuji. Together with build strategies like the New Guide Concept, Fuji has remained the dynamic voice for improvement across the spectrum of rod building. Silicon Carbide (SiC): The premier ring material featuring unequalled hardness and a polish that puts it in a class by itself. For top performance, light weight, durability and a lustre your customer is sure to notice, choose SiC.

Featured on the following models

-Saltiga 2016 -Saltiga X (Select models feat K-Guides )

ALCONITE®: Jet black and ready for action, ALCONITE® is a breakthrough blend developed by FUJI that approaches the incredible strength and hardness of SiC. In fact, Alconite's characteristics allowed the design and construction of Fuji’s smallest diameter ring to date. Even at weights up to 35% lighter, ALCONITE® is 50% stronger than competitive "mid-priced" products.

Featured on the following models

-Saltist Coastal -Generation Black -Sensor Surf (Select models feat K-Guides)

HARDLOY®: Still going strong after decades of service, FUJI’s improved hard ring, dubbed HARDLOY®, provides excellent service in thousands of applications around the globe. For economy and toughness, HARDLOY® is the number one choice.

Featured on the following models

-Saltist -Ballistic -Air Edge -VIP

Concept “O”: Concept “O” is essentially a range of Fuji’s New Guide Concept frames featuring Fuji’s “Deep Pressed” frame and Improved Hard “O” (Aluminium Oxide) ring, making it truly a cost-effective rod guide without compromising the quality Fuji guides are renowned for.

Featured on the following models

-Phantom -Saltist Hyper



Daiwa’s unique HVF graphite construction (High Volume Fiber) combines precise resin control with unidirectional graphite fiber to produce a blank with maximum graphite density.

HVF Nanoplus

The introduction of new technology unique to daiwa has produced a parabolic action rod that is incredibly thin and lightweight yet overwhelmingly powerful. The secret is SVF and HVF nanoplus. Combining nano resin control with unidirectional SVF or HVF graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density.


Special spigot joint - the spigot and the blank around the spigot are made of a special, exclusively for DAIWA made BIAS carbon fiber material.

The carbon fibers follow a 45-degree angle, resulting in a smaller carbon fiber demand. The consequence is a slimmer joint and a perfect bending curve.


Special carbon fiber material for the improvement of the torsion-resistance. Conventional carbon fibers are always layered in a 90° angle - the new X45 material features a 45° angle and is combined with 0° and 90° layered carbon fibers. This construction makes the rods stronger and more distortion-proof. Despite the increased distortion-proofness the flexibility is maintained.

This implies that X45 rods are not only stronger and cast more precisely, but also support the angler at the presentation of delicate lures and at ending the fight with the fish safely.

X45 offers the perfect balance of strength, control and elasticity.