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Rotation like you have never felt before.

The future of Daiwa Spinning Reels is AIRDRIVE DESIGN.

By reducing the weight of rotor, spool & bail assembly, a lighter rotation is achieved.

The effortless rotation allows the angler to feel the true joy of trouble free function.

This new chapter starts with 22 EXIST.

Airdrive Rotor

Airdrive Rotor

Low inertia is the key.

The newly developed AIRDRIVE ROTOR is made from ZAION. Maintaining the strength of the rotor from 18 EXIST, DAIWA has been able to reduce the weight significantly. Designed with focus to create a perfectly round structure, trouble free and flawless rotation have been achieved.

The rotor unit itself has seen a 16% weight reduction compared to the previous model (Based on 2500 size reel) and will set the standard for what future rotor design of small spinning reels will be.

Airdrive Bail

Airdrive Bail

Trouble free future.

DAIWA has constructed a bail smaller in diameter whilst providing required strength to achieve a further weight reduction to the front unit. In comparison to 18 EXIST, AIRDRIVE BAIL reduces the weight of the bail by 33% (compared to 2500 size).

DAIWA has adjusted the angle of bail setting to improve the line movement into the roller. Careful attention was given to the roller and slider and individual design alterations were done for each size of 22 EXIST, perfectly adjusting the line management for each size of the reel.

Airdrive Spool

Airdrive Spool

Design reflects the future.

The stand out features of the AIRDRIVE SPOOL would have to be the newly shaped spool skirt and the simple single silver coloured cosmetic. Just by looking at the spool it is clear the structure has been redeveloped, reducing the weight and maximising the feeling of presence.

Reducing the spool weight creates many benefits for a reel; the total weight of reel is reduced, oscillation is improved, less resistance during winding and rotation, better balance when attached to the rod and of course the reel feels light and easy to fish.

Airdrive Shaft

Airdrive Shaft

Friction free rotation.

AIRDRIVE SHAFT has a non contact structure between the mainshaft and the pinion gear. In addition to this, both ends of pinion gear are now supported with bearings to relay the crank power from the handle to the rotor with a higher level of efficiency. By adding high quality collars to the mainshaft, rotational noise has been reduced significantly.

AIRDRIVE SHAFT creates the feel of smooth, quiet rotation and provides anglers with torque and power.

Experience the Future


Braden Schuch heads out for the first session on the water with the 22 EXIST catching Bream and Whiting on topwater lures.


Introducing the new 22 EXIST from Daiwa!! Featuring the brand new AIRDRIVE DESIGN concept the 22 EXIST has been lifted to a whole new level of smoothness, effortless rotation and trouble free function.


22 EXIST debuts Daiwa's new AIRDRIVE DESIGN concept elevating the reel to a whole new level.

Over 60 Years of Innovation

DAIWA’s innovative mindset and craftsmanship has combined over the last 60 years to create reels you can use with absolute confidence.

The future of Spinning Reels is now here showcasing the brand new latest technology.

A reel you can own with pride, that’s 22EXIST.


Technology that garners the anglers confidence.

The rotation of the reel starts with a durable TOUGH DIGIGEAR.

To support the durable drive gear it requires MONOCOQUE BODY.

To protect the internal of the reel, it must be MAGSEALED.

The presence of DAIWA TECHNOLOGY.

To bring power and passion to every turn of the handle is to inspire anglers to chase their target species with confidence and without failure.

Monocoque Body

Monocoque Body

A single piece sealed body.

DAIWA’s latest technology MONOCOQUE BODY is made by an integral molding system to create a rigid one piece body. By removing the traditional screws used to attach the sideplate, internal space is maximised within the gear housing. The MQ BODY uses a large diameter engine plate to screw on to the body to seal the internals. The extra space created in the MONOCOQUE BODY allows DAIWA to install a larger diameter drive gear into a smaller size reel. This system instantly creates the more durable reel inside and out.

Touch Digigear

Touch Digigear

Perfectly machined drive gear.

The drive gear within any reel is made from 3 key elements which cannot be missed. (Design Creativity, Processing Technology and Premium Quality Material)

22 EXIST consists of all 3 key elements.

The latest digital analysis and machine cut technology is used to create a perfect surface on each tooth of the drive gear. By using the latest premium Duralumin material, precision designs deliver an incredibly smooth rotation quality.



Durability and water resistance.

During the design process of 22 EXIST key areas for water ingress were analyzed. The introduction of MQ body prevents water intrusion within the body, whilst areas of rotation or areas frequently exposed to water have been equipped with MAGSEALED/MAGSEALED BALL BEARING technology. Sections of the reel which are not key rotational areas are equipped with strong rubber seals. Anglers will come to understand this level of quality from 22 EXIST.

ATD Type-L

ATD Type-L

New generation drag system.

New ATD TYPE-L drag technology improves the initial drag system response. Lowering the peak drag max upon hook setting. Light tackle fishing especially requires a responsive and sensitive adjustment of the drag pressure.

ATD TYPE-L allows anglers to have more control of the drag without stress during the fight. By not overloading the line and also causing less stress to the fish, powerful fish can be tamed easily with 22 EXIST.

Exist Showcase Specifications

22 Exist Spin Reels Spec