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Breakdown & Review by Clem Henry.

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A quick review of the Daiwa Tanacom 1000 (U)

The Tanacom 1000 (U) is an impressive reel, well worth considering if you’re in the market for an electric reel. The base specifications for the reel and its features are outstanding considering the price point, certainly represents great value for money.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its standout features 

The reel is well designed and high quality components are used throughout, removing the handle assembly and right side cover exposes the sealed motor housing

Stainless screws hold the housing cover in place and once removed allow access to the motor

The covers include high quality O-Rings at both ends of the motor housing and throughout key areas of the reel

The main gear and pinion are made from brass and are a deep cut, helical design 

This combination provides the strength and durability required to deliver the high drag capability that this reel offers

The main gear is a deep cup design that houses the high performance drag washers and is capped with a waterproof seal. The drag unit provides smooth drag at high levels (up to 22kg) and the waterproof seal ensures problem free performance

The quality of the anodizing on this reel is excellent, so well suited to the harsh marine environment

Removing the spool and covers exposes the planetary gear system that is used. The planetary gear system provides high efficiency, low backlash, and a high torque-to weight ratio, perfect combination to enable a compact design

A closer look at the level wind system shows a high-quality stainless worm gear that sits inside a stainless cover. A great feature as this part of the reel is exposed to salt and spray

The power board and display module are one waterproof unit, which is sealed into the top cover of the reel

Purposeful design and high-quality components set this reel apart from the competition. Its compact, durable and has stood the test of time. In many ways the reel is quite simple, but that’s good in a reel like this. It ticks all the boxes, a comprehensive list of features underpinned by great design and high-quality components, what more could you ask for…


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