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Meet the Crew | Rob Parker

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About Rob

I have 28 years charter experience in both surfcasting and boat fishing, and am based in Houhora, the heart of the Far North in New Zealand.

Growing up on the West Coast, fishing was an everyday part of life and I’m able to apply all that experience to your trip - making it a truly “local” experience.

Fishing area of speciality/favourite type of fishing

Undoubtedly my most favourite area to fish is the Dargaville west coast beach that leads into the Kaipara. Since I grew up there, it’s got to be my favourite. In saying that, charter fishing out of Houhora has been my home for the last 20 years. I just love taking care of my clients!

The Far North is where it is at for us.


Most Memorable Catch

I have several catches and don't have favourites - it would be wrong to list them.

As I have managed the ultimate achievement with quite a few trophy snappers, achieving seven over 30lb+ up to 35lb. But the one that makes me different to most is that I’m the only double winner in the local ninety mile surf fishing event.



Daiwa Essentials

Even from as young as 5 years old, I remember my father as myself using GS9 & brown Daiwa with a white drag now 50 yrs of age. Our rods were Daiwa as well.

These days in the charters we use Saltist rods and reels that I take special care of. These perform second to none. Can't make mistakes with equipment, it just makes it that much harder to get trophy fish to the boat.

Favourite Spot

General Area: The Far North, NZ

Location: Simmonds Islands

Latitude: 34°45’23.5578

Longitude: 173°9’24.7968

The area surrounding Simmonds Islands is home to some epic snapper country that fishes all year round.

Flicking softbaits in to the wash after an easterly blow can result in some electric fishing. Snapper move in to the wash to make an easy meal out of anything that gets washed off the rocks.

Get the wind and tide in the same direction with a solid burley trail & you’ll put yourself in good shape to get amongst a few fish.

A slow trolled Kahawai around the rocky outcrops will quicky let you know if there are any Kingfish in attendance.

This is a spot well worth investing some time in if you find yourself in the Far North.

Check it out on our Fish Finder.




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