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Elastomax Material
BaitJunkie lures are made of Daiwa’s Elastomax material which hosts a range of benefits. Firstly, the lure is very strong and resistant to fish biting off parts of the lure. A BaitJunkie lure can be used throughout a hot fishing session without the need to continuously replace it. Elastomax is buoyant as well which keeps the weighted head-end down and the tail end up, emulating a feeding baitfish.

They smell like bait
BaitJunkies Elastomax material is impregnated with Amino X and Shrimp Power-Oil which creates a natural flavour and scent which fish love. This masks any plastic smells that the plastic makeup may naturally have, and instead attracts fish and causes them to hold on to the lure for longer. To further increase the scent output, BaitJunkies feature a slit in the belly which acts as a chamber for a bait enhancement product of your choice.

They swim like fish
BaitJunkies have a unique shaping design that gives the product one of the most lifelike swimming actions of any soft plastic lure on the market. A key characteristic that aids this action is the slim waist which creates a hinge-like body structure, allowing for the tail end to paddle side-to-side with extreme fluidity. With the swimming action apparent across the range, it is most apparent in the Minnow model where the large surface area of the ‘boot’ tail results in an incredibly aggressive swimming action when met with the drag of the water. This creates plenty of water turbulence which helps signal fish, especially helpful in dirty water. This also means you can expect plenty of bites on as the lure descends through the strike zone, so be ready!

Extensive range
BaitJunkie lures offer a diverse range:
Shapes: Jerkshad, grub, minnow
Sizes: 2.5”, 3.2”, 4”, 5”, 6.2” and 7”.
Colours: 18 unique colours to choose from.

Need we say more? The BaitJunkie range caters for a broad spectrum of fishing styles and will get you hooked up on an array of hungry species, both fresh and saltwater.

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