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Daiwa Tech: Daiwa SALTIGA 12 UVF EX+SI Braid

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When buying a new rod, reel or both, braid can sometimes be the afterthought purchase that although important, doesn’t get as much consideration as it deserves. The truth is that there is significant disparity between braid products that can sometimes only be discovered when it’s too late.
To start with, in a time where many braid products on the market employ a 4 or 8 strand arrangement, the Daiwa SALTIGA 12 UVF EX+SI braid instead is made up of 12 unique square-punched base yarns. In addition to this already smooth surface, Ultra Volume Fibre (UVF) and Evo Silicone (+Si) have been applied to further increase the finishing of the braid. As a result, you get a super thin, super smooth braid that will allow for a longer cast and optimum sensitivity. After testing, these were some findings of the Japanese-made Saltiga 12 braid:

Linear tensile strength is up by approximately 120%
Abrasion resistance is up by 172%.
Line elongation is reduced by up to 130%.
Dynamic friction performance is up by 118%.

Tech-heavy aspects aside, it’s also a very practical product to use on your casting and jigging applications. It’s colour coded for every 10, 5 and 1 meter increments to ensure that your offering is in precise distance to the fish. Users of the braid have also reported that it behaves incredibly well to the tying and holding of knots. Milan Radonich of The Lateral Line is one of these users of Saltiga 12 Braid, Check out what he has to say.

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