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Daiwa’s X45 rod technology is prevalent throughout Daiwa’s rod range and is an instrumental part of what makes Daiwa rods so good. It features a Bias Wrap Construction, which is a left/right 45 degree carbon weave within the blank. You’ll find this tech from the TD Hypers all the way to our top of the range Saltiga rods.
What does this mean for anglers however?
Traditional rods of fibre construction will often twist and pull side to side of the rod’s spine – particularly when a big, erratically-fighting fish has come to the party. Not only does this compromise the rods structural integrity over time, it also makes fighting the fish harder and more awkward for the angler. X45 eliminates this by applying two final layers of carbon at opposing 45° directions, resulting in a helicoidal opposite wrap that a return to the original shape of the blank irrespective of the angle of load. Underneath these two 45° layers at the core of the rod’s blank however, there three layers of 90° and 0° carbon wraps to ensure general rod integrity. The 90° wrap works against crushing and the 0° assists with general rod bending.
Long story short, X45 radically improves rod strength and durability by eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form. The elimination of this twist allows a lighter, stronger and more sensitive rod to be made. It can be found across the Daiwa range in rods like the TD Battler, TD Commander AGS, Saltist Hyper, TD Black and more.

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