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Meet the Crew | George Bourke

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Like a lot of kiwis, I’ve had the passion for the ocean passed down through the generations of my family. I grew up fishing Kawau bay with my Grandpa and my dad on our old Fyran. It was definitely these early fishing trips that got me hooked. These days you’ll find me behind the helm of one of the Hauraki Express boats feeding the addiction of all the fellow fish frothers.

Fishing area of speciality/favourite type of fishing?
I really enjoy all types of fishing from game fishing to bait catching and everything in between. I’ll forever be learning as I target new species and fish new areas but I would have to say I let out the most squeals of excitement when I'm topwater fishing. Nothing beats seeing a big kingfish smash a lure on the surface. 

The most memorable catch?
I've fished some amazing places and caught some awesome fish but the trip that really stands out was the day Nick Jones and I took my 14 foot extreme out from waitangi for a crack at some gamefish. We launched at Waitangi just as the sun was coming up and headed out to a patch of skippies that had been holding there for a few days. It wasn't long before we found the area and caught a few skippies. Of the 3 live baits we deployed that day all 3 got bit, 2 hooked up and jonesy and I managed to get a Stripey each.

What are your Daiwa essentials?
Saltiga 20 - Everyone who has used one of these knows exactly why it's an essential. These things are weapons!

Daiwa fighting belt - Hardly even realise that you're wearing it. perfect for landbased when you might need to do some fishing athletics.

Daiwa Kohga - These are the go to on the charters. so simple to use and boy do they catch fish! they definitely make my life easier on the snapper charters.

Spotfinder spot?
36.4333° S, 175.1306° E - Anchorite rock (while this is a favourite, the below method is applicable to most reefs in the gulf when targeting kingfish)
Check it out

How to best fish this spot?
Work out which way you are drifting over the reef then have a good scout around the up current side of the reef. It definitely pays to have a good look around the area as sometimes you're only a few boat lengths away from a school of hungry kingfish. Generally speaking the higher the sign on the sounder the more active they are so spend some time marking the high sign on the sounder. Once you find the best looking sign, spin the boat around and try to keep it on top of your mark, reversing back into the wind/current is the play. drop livies to the depth of the sign on the sounder and hold on…

In need of the ultimate fishing playlist? You’ve got you covered!

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