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Kohga Bayrubber Free

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Catch more fish with Kohga Bayrubber Free, the most technically advanced sliding lure.

Easy to use, highly effective, extremely durable, and ready for use straight out of packet, Kohga is the perfect sliding lure for catching BIG Snapper. Kohga is the culmination of 50 years in Japanese lure development, which through extensive field testing, has been successfully adapted specifically for New Zealand conditions.
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Through studying fish response, we realised that Snapper have inherent difficulty tracking stationary targets due to a lack of depth perception. We derived that constant movement was then critical to maximising lure efficiency. Kohga Bayrubber Free provides the solution, whereby all components are separated allowing them to move freely without restriction.

  • Ceramic Tube  Polished Ceramic Tube protects the leader as the lure slides.
  • Tapered Head  Tapered design enables lure to adapt to high and low current situations for optimal action.
  • Hydrodynamic Keel  Hydrodynamic keel design for increased stability and sink rate.
  • Abalone Eyes  Front and back facing abalone eyes to trigger predatory response.
  • Holographic Stickers  Holographic stickers reflect light creating flash and increasing interest.
  • Plastic Bumper  Plastic bumper protects the leader knot from the sliding head.
  • Securely Attached Skirt  Securely attached skirt whipped and glued to increase longevity.
  • Sliding Skirt  Sliding skirt ensures the lure is moving at all times to increase attraction.
  • Solid Ring  Polished Stainless Steel solid ring with round cross-section provides a secure connection point for leader.
  • Fluorocarbon Core  Kevlar assist cord with Fluorocarbon Core provides optimal hook placement.
  • Japanese Saqsas Hooks  Ultra sharp Teflon coated hooks increase penetration by up to 40%.
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