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Kohga Slider Head Technology
Kohga Head Specification

- Polished Ceramic Tube has an extremely smooth surface to efficiently dissipate heat, protecting the leader as the lure slides.

- Hydrodynamic keel design increases the lures stability and sink rate ensuring optimal presentation in the correct area of the water column.

- Tapered head design enables the lure to adapt to high and low current situations to maintain optimal lure action.

Kohga Slider Skirt Technology
Kohga Skirt Specification

- Securely attached skirt is glued in place, whipped with thread and then glued again to increase longevity.

- Plastic bumper sits between the weighted head and assist hook to protect the leader knot from the sliding weight.

- Sliding skirt achieves constant movement, effectively minimising stationary periods when the lure touches the bottom.

Kohga Slider Assist Hook Technology
Kohga Assist Specification

- Ultra sharp Japanese SaqSas hooks increase penetration by up to 40% to ensure a secure hook set with minimal pressure.

- Kevlar Assist Cord with a fluorocarbon core provides optimal hook placement and prevents hooks snagging on the leader.

- Polished Stainless Steel solid ring with circular cross section provides secure attachment point and direct contact.

Kohga Slider Sakura Glow Head
Sakura Glow

Sakura Glow is recommended for use during early morning and is the ideal lure selection when fishing in low light conditions and/or deep water.

Kohga Slider Head Pink
Kohga Pink

Kohga Pink is recommended for use during mid-morning and is the ideal lure selection for overcast weather conditions or average water clarity.

Kohga Slider Head Orange
Kohga Orange

Kohga Orange is recommended for use during mid-afternoon and is the ideal lure selection for clear conditions or when fish activity is variable.

Kohga Slider Head Chartreuse

Chartreuse is recommended for use during the evening and is the ideal lure selection for periods of low activity or when looking for a reactionary contact.

Kohga Bayrubber Free
60g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g
Lure Style
Head Design
Tapered + Reversible + Keel
Ceramic + Coating
Skirt Detail
Glued + Bound
Kevlar Cord
Fluorocarbon Core
Teflon SaqSas
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