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With the birth of CERTATE, DAIWA went out to refine a new standard for performance, and anglers have welcomed the always innovative CERTATE releases over the past two decades


When covering the history of CERTATE, we must first touch base on the REAL FOUR concept that DAIWA introduced to the world with the first CERTATE. Prior to this, DAIWA’s small spinning reels, with the TOURNAMENT at the top of the list, were the T.D. (Team DAIWA) series, which were quite popular in the fishing market.

The lightness and smooth operability that these reels offered matched the needs of lure fishing, which was becoming more and more demanding. The image of “light weight and smooth in operation” was an important identity that DAIWA has cultivated over the years.

On the other hand, there was also a struggle because of this image. While each reel had sufficient rotational performance and winding power, there was a tendency to downplay the “quality” of the reel. Some people were demanding for a smoother winding feel, voices that DAIWA could not ignore.

What kind of performance is needed in a spinning reel as a fishing tool that not only catches fish but also fulfills anglers’ heart. …… The REAL FOUR concept was born out of this conflict in pursuit of future standards, and the first spinning reel to feature this concept was the first CERTATE.

REAL FOUR is a design concept to achieve the ideal performance of a spinning reel, which consists of the following four features: REAL ENGINE = “Overwhelming power and smooth rotation”, REAL CONTROL = “High levels of operability”, REAL ENDURANCE = “Long lasting durability”, and REAL CUSTOM = “Create your own style”.

In order to satisfy these four performance requirements, the first-generation CERTATE was fully equipped with the most advanced technology of the time. The REAL ENGINE, which boasted “overwhelming power and smooth rotation,” was a major breakthrough for DAIWA spinning reels. This was the moment when the CERTATE was born as the spinning reel of the future.


DAIWA, which set forth the REAL ENGINE concept in the development of CERTATE, began to review the gear oscillation system of the past in order to solve this weak point. After much trial and error, thinking outside the box and having a creative mindset, the world’s first original mechanism, “SILENT OSCILLATION” was developed. The drive gear was also enlarged and its tooth surface greatly improved.

These core components are held together by a robust full-metal aluminum body, resulting in a level of power and durability that is far superior to that of the previous models.

The large circular engine plate that sits in the center of the body aids in the precise meshing of gears giving anglers a smooth winding sensation like never before. The engine plate structure, made it easy to do so.

In addition to its remarkable technological advancement, the CERTATE’s dramatic innovation in the ease gear meshing and smooth feel is the core reason why even the most experienced anglers were impressed by it. As more and more anglers continued to use CERTATE over the years, the new sense of value created by CERTATE was fostered more widely and deeply. CERTATE, which was developed as the future standard for spinning reels, has established its reliability as “a tough, strong reel” that has a long life, and would become an angler’s most reliable tool.

Tough, strong, and smooth.

20 years of continuous innovation.



The first-generation CERTATE was created with the REAL FOUR concept and many cutting-edge technologies, and at a time when lightweight spinning reels were becoming popular, its secure and luxurious feel from the rigidity of its full-metal (AL) body and its smooth and silky winding comfort surprised and impressed many anglers.

The design of the sleek form, with the symbolic engine plate shining through, and the subdued colouring, later called “Certate Blue,” also became a symbol of originality.

The reel’s solid and sturdy appearance gained more and more supporters over the years as “a trusted reel that can be used for a long time”. This unusually long-selling reel, which remained unchanged for six years, established the future of DAIWA spinning reels.



The lineup included the two new models, 2004 and 2506. These new models were 10g lighter than the original model (Size 2000) and 15g lighter (Size 2500) thanks to the use of AIR SPOOL, and is equipped with a “Finesse Tournament Drag” specially designed for light lines allowing smooth control.

In addition to finesse fishing for bream and bass using 3-8 lb. line, this model attracted attention as the best match for the rapidly growing popularity of finesse and light salt game at the time.


The long-awaited heavy-duty custom model for salt anglers, which made the toughness of CERTATE stand out even more, was launched.

Equipped with 3500 PE-compatible spools, and the drag rigidity was increased. Also equipped with 65mm machine cut handle and RCS Power Light knob as standard.

This model is versatile enough to be used for casting for dolphinfish and bonito, shore jigging with jigs of around 60 to 80g, and light jigging from a boat. As a symbol for high-power small spinning reels, this model has gained tremendous popularity.



Size 2500 spool and rotor are fused with the Size 3000 body.

This special power-tuned model has lightweight operability and a winding power that surpasses that of the original Size 3000. A limited-edition custom model was released in the first year of the first generation CERTATE and became popular among ambitious anglers who used thicker nylon line and PE to challenge big fish.

It was revived in 2006 in response to the loud voice of passionate anglers. This was particularly evident in Australia as the R-CUSTOM was the perfect reel for targeting our hard fighting species.



The high-strength special alloy machine-cut DIGIGEAR that was at the heart of the SALTIGA-Z, the flagship of large size spinning reel, was renamed “HYPER DIGIGEAR” when it was successfully made compact to high precision. The CERTATE 2500 and above equipped with this gear was newly renamed HYPER CUSTOM and released to the world.

The new CERTATE was released under the new name of HYPER CUSTOM. It was a stronger version of the CERTATE that could be used techniques that required power like jigging, offshore plastics, shore casting, and barramundi, and it captured the hearts of anglers.

Today, the bloodline of HYPER DIGIGEAR supports the heart of CERTATE as TOUGH DIGIGEAR.



After six long years, the 10CERTATE underwent its first full model change, the most significant change was the introduction of MAGSEALED, the first reel to be equipped with this revolutionary technology.

MAGSEALED provides water resistant and dustproof construction utilizing magnetic fluid realises remarkable durability and long-lasting initial performance. This is a direct evolution of the REAL ENDURANCE, one of the REAL FOUR Concepts, which is responsible for durability, that allows CERTATE’s signature powerful, yet light and smooth performance to be maintained for an extremely long period of time.

The rotor has also undergone a revolutionary change. The AIR ROTOR, with its optimised rim construction, has opened a new door for spinning reels, together with MAGSEALED, by reducing the weight while maintaining strength.



Line roller is the rotating part of a spinning reel that is most exposed to water. 13CERTATE has achieved revolutionary high durability by applying MAGSEALED to the line roller, making this problem a thing of the past.

Furthermore, ZAION, a lightweight and highly rigid carbon-containing resin, is used as the material for the AIR ROTOR, reducing the weight of the Size 2500 by 10g, while also achieving light unwinding and smooth operability.

In addition, the increased rigidity of the rotor unit with ZAION, in synergy with the full metal (AL) body, further confirmed the confidence in the strength that CERTATE has built up over the years.



Equipped with newly developed MAGSEALED ball bearings on both ends of the drive gear. In addition to the pinion and line roller sections, the 16CERTATE has acquired a solid water resistance and durability.

16CERTATE’s rotor unit achieved a weight reduction of more than 10% through the development of a newly shaped ultra-lightweight AIR ROTOR. The rotor’s significantly lower inertia has improved rotational performance by more than 10% and increasing the sensitivity of the winding. In addition, all sizes are equipped with the next-generation drag system, ATD. Most notable of all was the revival of the heavy-duty (HD) model, which had disappeared from the 10CERTATE series.

This was the first model to be equipped with the MONOCOQUE BODY that has taken the fishing world to then next stage, redefining the meaning of “strength”.



In response to the era of PE line and the trend toward lighter tackle, DAIWA introduced a new concept for its spinning reels. 19CERTATE was designed based on the LT concept, and having MONOCOQUE BODY in all models was inevitable. The one-piece, integrally molded structure minimizes flexure and distortion, which had been the fate of previous two-piece structures.

The “toughness” pursued in the LT concept was at the same time a continuous evolution of the REAL ENGINE and REAL ENDURANCE of the first CERTATE’s REAL FOUR concepts.

Also, it’s important to note that the MONOCOQUE BODY contributed greatly to the “lightness” of the LT concept, through weight reduction. Comparing the old and the new 2500 size, the weight was reduced by an astonishing 35g.

20 Years Later,
NEW CERTATE is now here.


Daiwa wanted to create spinning reels that people will can use with confidence for many years to come. Not for anyone in particular, but for all anglers. The philosophy behind CERTATE has remained unchanged over the past 20 years.

The “AIRDRIVE DESIGN” next generation spinning reel concept in the NEW CERTATE continues the pursuit of superior operability. It is a design concept that aims to allow anglers to control the lures as they wish, and is composed of up to four technologies. The benefits of a reel equipped with AIRDRIVE DESIGN are too great to be ignored. Lightweight operability resulting from optimal weight balance translates to improved rotation that allows anglers to feel a sense of exceptional control with their tackle. Winding sensitivity that allows anglers to feel even the slightest fish bite or change in current.

CERTATE is the answer for all modern anglers.

The new ATD TYPE-L drag reduces the load on the line and promises a safe and comfortable fight with high response and smooth sliding. This operability cannot be obtained without solid rigidity. That is why CERTATE has consistently focused on rigidity. The symbol of this is the “MONOCOQUE BODY”, a one-piece moulded structure made of aluminum material. This is DAIWA’s proprietary technology that minimises body flexing under heavy loads, a weak point of spinning reels with previous structures, to realise strong winding power. The engine plate screwed into the body is also made of aluminum. In other words, the internal structure, which is the heart of the reel, is solidly supported by the full metal body made of aluminum. The drive gears inside the body are treated with a special surface treatment to increase their hardness and reduce damage to the gears under heavy loads. The main shaft, which transmits the power to the front unit, is made of stainless steel, which is even stiffer than aluminum, to maximise performance without power loss.

The broad lineup of 13 models includes four ARK models specialised for power fishing for strong predatory fish. Built to allow angler’s to excel in a wide variety of fishing scenarios, from trout to light estuary, bass, eging, inshore and offshore soft plastics, light jigging and pelagic spinning. The consistent quality and rigidity are the proof of the trust we have built up. The NEW CERTATE, now in its 20th year of evolution, is the new standard of spinning reel for a new era, for all anglers.