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Ben Brown | New Zealand


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

Technique: That is a tough question… If I had to narrow it down I’d say either trolling lures for West Coast Striped Marlin or casting Bait Junkies into the shallows trying to target big Snapper. But now I’m reconsidering because I love live baiting for big Kingfish too… See, that question is too hard! 

Fish: The Striped Marlin. I remember as a young kid seeing a Marlin come into our local weigh station and being in awe of the thought of fish like that swimming around just over the horizon line. All these years later and that same intrigue has not diminished.

Angling Inspiration

I’m inspired by anyone who has taken the time to master their craft. Standing back and watching someone who is totally in tune with the gear & techniques they are using, the location they are fishing and the species they are targeting is awesome. It certainly gives me something to aspire to!

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Kawhia - the wild West Coast!

Why I Fish

Fishing to me is so much more than simply the pursuit of a fish - it’s about living close to the land and having a deep respect and connection with the marine environment. I’m motivated by the adventures you have exploring new locations and the challenges presented when targeting different species. The places you go and the characters you meet along the way are what make fishing special. Some of my best friends have been made standing on the deck of a boat, sharing a common pursuit, waiting for the next fish to rise.

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