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Daiwa NZ is proud to present the new FREE SWIMMER BR. Made to cater to popular kiwi fishing styles, Bite’N’Run (BR) is a key technology for keen live or dead bait anglers, as it allows fish to take baits under minimal line tension to ensure a solid hookset is achieved.

Designed in collaboration between Daiwa USA, Daiwa Australia, Daiwa New Zealand and alongside Japanese engineers, FREE SWIMMER BR is a product five years in the making and a testament to Daiwa’s commitment to providing the best products to suit local New Zealand conditions.

Free Swimmer BR Review
by NZ Fishing News

Keen anglers quickly learn that spin reels with flimsy mechanisms simply don’t last very long, but the Free Swimmer features a lot of sturdy componentry that you would find in reels with higher prices. The price point is comparable with the more well-established brands in the bite and-run arena, but the Daiwa has the benefit of a more modern design.
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