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The southern alps of New Zealand are truly majestic. The snow-capped mountains are a sight to behold, and the glaciers and rivers that flow from beneath their rugged peaks are a reminder of the power of nature. The man-made McKenzie Hydro Scheme provides a stunning contrast against the backdrop of the Southern Alps. The straight lines of the canals are a sharp difference to the towering peaks of the mountains, creating a strange paradox that is both breathtaking and confronting at the same time.

Despite their bland appearance,the Canals provide seemingly endless kilometers of incredible fishing for huge Salmon and Trout. Targeting these giant McKenzie Country fish is an unforgettable experience. The evening rise can be spectacular and there is perhaps no other place on earth the holds more Trout over 20lbs.

Adding to excitement of fishing the McKenzie region is the tackle used to successfully target these fish. Despite their size these fish have a subtle bite requiring extremely sensitive rods that can still deliver the power required to land the trophy of a lifetime. Small spin reels loaded with the finest braid and light fluorocarbon leaders will encourage more bites from these notoriously spooky fish. The resulting light tackle fight is exhilarating and the sound of a screaming Daiwa spin reel is sure to get any anglers blood pumping!

Giant fish, stunning backdrops and epic sportfishing… Perhaps it is the perfect formula.


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