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Daiwa’s Topwater Fishing Basics

We present to Daiwa fans an incredibly simple and insightful guide to set you on the path to Topwater Fishing success! Jump in and indulge in this start-to-finish guide!

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"I think the timing of coming into the topwater scene was spot on. Then the help of known fisherman friends trialling them and having huge success with them just blew us up..."
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"I’ve always been in to making my own tackle as longs as I can remember. For me, it started at my grandparents house, both were mad keen fly-fishers. My grandparents had his and hers fly tying desks and I would sit there and tie flies as a kid and tie at home with my dad..."
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Topwater Fishing’s Roots In NZ - By Mark Armistead

The real “light bulb” moment for me came shortly after whilst one of the Japanese gurus came to stay at our place whilst conducting one of his White Island trips. They returned late one day and even though there was a significant language barrier, I could quickly tell form the excitement of the group that their day out was something special…
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Daiwa’s Top Water Range