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Jack Worthington | New Zealand


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

Any fishing I can get into, but softbaiting in shallow water is definitely what I am most proficient at. Livebaiting for kingfish over shallow pins, the thud of your bait being smashed and brutal fight that ensues has to be my favourite though.

Angling Inspiration

The excitement of watching my older brother and his mates, or my dad bring the boat in after a day out and dump their catch onto the filleting table was where it started. And hearing stories about crazy things happening on the water, and various fishing lingo that at the time I didn’t understand (which only intrigued me more). After I got a bit older I started joining these trips myself. Growing up in a fishing mecca probably helped too.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Bay of Islands.

Why I Fish

I’m constantly chasing those moments where it feels like time stops, your mind is clear and the only sound you can hear is the hissing drag of your reel. Every battle with a big fish is etched into my mind like a movie. Every fish is different, and anything can go wrong at any moment. Fishing is a sport that can never truly be mastered, there's always another place to go, different fish to catch (a whole planet’s worth). That’s why I love fishing.

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