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Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

For the past 12 years I have been focusing on landbased topwater fishing for Kingfish. I remember the early days using jigging rods and gear that definitely was not designed for this aspect of fishing. I didn't know anyone that fished topwater back then, so I had to try and figure it out for myself with the gear I had on hand. It was a huge learning curve for me, I lost a lot of lures, broke a lot of gear as well as shed many tears! As the years went by, I learnt what works for me and have had a lot of success with catching some large fish.

Angling Inspiration

I get a lot of inspiration from watching quality adventure fishing content online. There are great filmmakers worldwide that capture amazing stories of dream-like fishing moments, this is what inspires me. I always have time for a well documented story based fishing film and have a playlist named ‘Inspiration’ which is filled with quality fishing content to give me that boost when I need it.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

I really enjoy fishing from Islands and remote areas the North Island of New Zealand has to offer. I don't have a favourite ledge but there are many locations I look forward to visiting again.

Why I Fish

My Dad introduced me to fishing from a very young age, a lot of my earliest memories are precious moments with my Dad (since passed) on fishing trips. Even though I was too young to hold a rod, I remember landbasing in those magic moments with him, evening sunsets and my earliest memory of a sunrise is out fishing with Dad, also the first time I really saw the night sky stars. Growing up I spent most of my time fishing with a childhood friend, we basically lived on the coast, non stop fishing every school holidays and weekends. Nowadays I still seek the feeling of being out in Nature, my fishing trips are always based around the adventure aspect and the wild places fishing takes me. My passion is still topwater Kingfish, so every trip I do, in some way or another, revolves around the goal of landing big topwater Kingfish.

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