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Scott Malcon | New Zealand


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

It’s hard to single out a favourite form of fishing, I find mastering the finer details of a technique the challenge. So, at any one point I might be diving into something and figuring it out. Most recently I enjoyed getting into ultra-light softbaiting in the inner Hauraki Gulf. After applying skills and techniques learned from flyfishing to the salt I managed to consistently catch fish when other methods were falling short. The challenge was figuring the system out & then actually landing fish on the ultra-light gear.

Favourite Fish
For me it’s really a tie between Kingfish and Snapper. The bigger models both have incredible raw power that will test you and your fishing gear to the max. There’s too much not to respect from both of these species to not let them share the top spot. 

Angling Inspiration

I have been fishing ever since I could hold a rod, so throughout the course of my fishing journey, there have been multiple people who I have learnt from & been inspired by. Firstly would be Dad, he got me into it & spent the time teaching me through the early years. After the fire was lit there was always a thirst for information, knowledge & progression, I think I owned the majority of VHS videos available, Snapper Secrets, Kingfish Secrets, Jig Mania etc. This also flowed into reading, there weren’t many books I didn’t read, the standout might have been Hook Up On Kingfish by Mark Kitteridge, I remember applying what I learnt & catching a Kingfish at my childhood local, Browns Bay Point. In later years having the opportunity to fish with people like Rick Pollock continued to inspire me, I have always been a sponge for fishing stories, what people have been willing to teach me and the learnings you take away. 

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

My local would be Whangaparaoa Bay to Kawau. I love this area as year round it provides a wide range of angling opportunities. Winter time you can bait fish the shallows with a solid burley trail & catch some solid Snapper. Spring brings an influx of baitfish & spawning Snapper, a great time to target these fish on lures and softbaits. Summer brings with it hungry hordes of Kingfish the patrol the coastlines & local reefs. Autumn, this area offers everything as the fish pack on condition before the onset of winter. It’s a magical area considering it’s close proximity to Auckland. 

Why I Fish

It’s the connection to nature, being outdoors, sharing great times and creating memories with friends & family. I love the adventure, the escape, the freedom fishing creates. There is nothing better than planning a trip to a remote destination with good mates and having exceptional fishing, it’s a memory that lasts a lifetime. 

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