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Be strong, No limit. 24 Certate’s new catch phrase perfectly embodies the next generation of Daiwa’s flagship reel. Now equipped with Airdrive Design, Certate is more refined than ever, and ready to take on the challenge of New Zealands hardest fighting fish.

The cornerstone of Certate’s popularity is the solid aluminium body construction. 24 Certate features a single-piece Monocoque (MQ) body that is over 20% more rigid than its competitors. The sturdy body construction empowers the angler in tough situations, ensuring no loss of efficiency from the gearing due to unwanted body flex.

24 Certate’s Duralumin drive gear sports a new surface treatment process first debuted in 22 Exist, which significantly increases gear durability, maintaining that buttery smooth feeling for longer.

These two technologies synergise beautifully to make 24 Certate one of the highest power to size ratio reels Daiwa has ever produced.

24 Certate is also packed with plenty of easily-missed improvements which will improve your fishing experience and enhance the reels lifespan.

The water resistant rubber gasket underneath the handle has been redesigned and has further improved the water resistance of the reel. The drag click plate underneath the spool is now a composite material to enhance the audible drag sound, and the 5000 size models now come equipped from factory with a high-durability carbon drag stack for those longer-lasting battles.

As usual, all the Daiwa technology you’ve come to know and love is packed into 24 Certate, with Magseal present in both the rotor & line roller (non FC models). ATD Type-L drags (2000-4000) and ABS Longcast spool designs for unmatched casting performance.

Available in sizes ranging from 2000 - 5000 and in a host of various spool depth & gear ratio combinations there is sure to be a 24 Certate to suit your fishing style.

Be strong, No limit.




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