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Care and Maintenance of your Daiwa fishing reel

To get the best possible lifespan out of your Daiwa reel here are some pointers to steer you in the right direction.

  1. Never submerge your reel in salt or freshwater. If by accident this happens we suggest that you take your reel to your point of purchase or to your nearest Daiwa dealer and get them to return it to Daiwa New Zealand for service. Excess water left inside a reel will corrode it from the inside out.
  2. When travelling in your boat avoid leaving rods and reels in rocket launchers or rod holders if they are getting covered in salt spray. This is what they are designed for but they are no good for your reels if they are getting showered in saltwater. Corrosion caused from saltwater intrusion is not a warranty issue.
  3. Avoid hosing your reel under pressure. The pressure from the hose will push salt and unwanted debris inside the reel resulting in corrosion that is not covered under warranty. We suggest a good wipe down with a rag and soapy water. Always ensure your drag is done up tightly to avoid any water getting in. With a rag, dry your reel. A light coating of something like Inox can be applied, we suggest it is sprayed on to a rag then applied to the reel rather than spraying directly on to your reel.
  4. Always store your reels with the drags loosened, this avoids the drag stack being compressed and will increase the lifespan of your drag washers.
  5. Avoid storing your reels in direct sunlight/hot areas as this will damage line and could affect the grease etc. inside the reel. We recommend some dry and cool to store fishing reels.
  6. Reels should be serviced yearly. Fishing reels are subjected to one of the harshest environments on Earth, the ocean. By regularly servicing your reels you will ensure you get the best possible lifespan and performance out of your reel.