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BaitJunkie Tackle Testers | Minnow | Chris Leskovsek

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Aesthetics & Features
It took me a little bit of time to figure it their ‘action’ and how to ‘work them out’ as they feel a bit different to a lot of other types of soft plastics. However, once I managed to make them work, I was sold. These are amazing softbaits and will be replacing many of my other Baitjunkies as well as Zmans when going out. 

On The Water
One thing I noticed about these new softbaits is that they feels like something between a Kohga and a jerkshad softbait. On the kayak, you can just let them sink and let the current do the rest then very slowly wind them up. No need for much twitching like the jerk shads. It is more of a ‘slow action’ softbait and I love that. The big paddle tail has a lot of action.


Aesthetics & Features
‘Baby Bass’ is almost a ‘classic’ at this point for me, that colour combination is just deadly, and in this format is no exception. Regardless of the conditions/sun or moon, it just works. 

However, Fish Oil was the show stopper for me. The best softbait I’ve used this year, bar none. When I received it, I undoubtedly compared it to the now classic ‘Motor Oil’ and thought ‘how could this washed out version would ever work’, however when I put it under my UV torch and noticed it was just glowing I thought, ok, lets test this out… it out fishes all my motor oils 3 x1 type thing. This is my new ‘motor oil’ from now on. Exceptionally good bait this one is. This one should become a ‘Classic’ go-to in no time.

Iwashi is also a very good bait, especially in the mornings, when Snappers are going for brighter colours. However is not as good as the ‘Pink Glow’ I personally use. That’s still better. 

Banana split needs no introduction, and this is no different, it just works, but it cannot compete to the new Fish Oil. - thats THE ONE.


I strongly recommend these 4.2 minnows. I hope to see more colours come in, like a white version of them, I believe you have two versions of whites - ‘Whitebait’ and ‘White pearl’. No one offers this type of colour and I’ve been using white soft baits in my other styles of fishing, and Snapper goes crazy for white. Especially during spring time when they are going hard on whitebaits and smelt.

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