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BaitJunkie Tackle Testers | Minnow | Shayde - Leanne McAlees

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Aesthetics & Features
Proven to be the new snapper magnet, the Daiwa Bait Junkie Minnows consistently produced screaming reels with its outstanding swimming action targeting mid-water species on the drop. The buoyant materials allowed the lure to descend through the water at decreased speeds to maximise visibility when casting into solid schools of fish.

Jumping into the water to film the action, the minnows showed an irresistible head to tail swimming action that imitated the activity of moving baitfish with its body roll movement as it glided through the water.

On The Water
After previously using other soft bait brands, the BaitJunkie outperformed showing it was extremely durable, long-lasting and stood up to aggressive, non-stop bite action using only one soft bait.  Paired with a BKK Harpax inshore 5/0 jighead, the elastomax material was super stretchy making them easy to rig and deploy while the fishing was hot. 

Over the two month period, while fishing out of the Bay of Islands, my personal favourite was the 4.2” MINNOW BP IWASHI GLOW.  Even on days when the fishing was tough, I could always guarantee it would be successful.  The theory big bait big fish isn’t always right, the 4.2” showed no mercy on fish of any size. 

If you want to be part of some epic fishing action, go to your local and grab yourself a packet or two of the Daiwa BaitJunkie Minnows.  They won’t disappoint! 

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