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Daiwa Tech – The TD Battler Rod Range Explained

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When buying premium fishing equipment like the TD Battler rod, you may ask yourself “what additional benefit am I getting from a product like this?” And that’s understandable. For that reason, we’ve prepared the following article to offer some perspective on how good gear can help truly fulfil one’s angling potential, and give you a competitive advantage over the target species.



The core elements of the TD Battler rods are born out of Daiwa’s thirst to be at the forefront of fishing rod technical design and development. The Battlers utilise Daiwa’s best carbon technology and materials, creating a lightweight and responsive blank. Casting is effortless and the power when hooked up puts the angler in control. The quality blank is complimented by the latest AGS guides from Daiwa, these are carbon framed to give the angler a guide so light, they barely feel like they are there.

This gives greater accuracy when casting as the rod returns to the neutral position a lot faster than using traditional heavier framed guides. Picture this: you place a 5kg weight on the end of a diving board. Naturally, it will bend downwards, and then try to return to its neutral position, only a bit slower. However, if you placed a 1kg weight on the end of the diving board, it would return to its neutral position with far more ease.

This example can help in providing further understanding of how AGS guides lend a deadly advantage to hook up rates while providing feather-light usability when fishing over an extended period. Finally, the rod is completed in a stylish red cosmetic and the blank has dark maroon undertones, both these elements are complemented by the centerpiece of the rod, the air-beam reel seat in a metallic chameleon finish. Every aspect of these rods is designed to create maximum wow factor.




We are running 3 models fully customised to the NZ fishery. The Chilli Dog is designed for the angler casting into the shallows and ripping big Snapper out of rugged ground. The tip is still sensitive enough to cast lighter weights and detect subtle takes. The Supernatural is the all-rounder of the range and designed to do a bit of everything targeting your mid-sized fish softbaiting. The Supernatural has a super clean and crisp action perfect for casting 5”baits over the sand or into likely looking reefy areas.

The Technical Master as the name suggests is for the light line enthusiast. Specifically designed for casting lighter weight jigheads and softbaits. This model is the perfect accompaniment for the inshore angler that demands peak performance from their tackle.


Ultimately the true test for any piece of fishing equipment comes from putting it through it’s paces in the field and on a recent trip to the Barrier I got to give the Supernatural a good stretch. We started fishing over a sandy channel, so I opted for the Supernatural over my Chilli Dog. It had lighter line on it and over the clearer bottom, I was confident I’d be in control if I hooked a bigger fish. But as circumstances prevail, we drifted in closer to the rocky shoreline and I continued to fish the Supernatural.

A pinpoint cast into the broken foul left my softbait mere inches off the bombies, a couple of twitches and I had a chunky little snapper on, whilst dragging it out comfortably I noticed a dark shape shadowing it. On closer inspection I called it for a 3kg Snapper, it was cool to watch it chasing the smaller fish. As fortune or luck would have it, the softbait pulled out of the smaller fish's mouth boat side and in the crystal clear water I watched the second fish inhale the softbait, after a quick jab to set the hook all mayhem broke loose.

Drifting over foul ranging from 2-4m I quickly had the Snapper on the surface, at that point I noticed it wasn’t a 3kg fish, it was more in the 7-8kg range. At that point I was well aware I had my light setup, but in that country, there is no time to give an inch. At multiple points I leant into the rod, holding the spool to turn the fish and keeping it out of the foul. I remember thinking I am asking a lot of this set here! After a couple of tense minutes and the drift taking us out into deeper water I could relax as the bronze moocher came boat side.

At that point I had the opportunity to admire the fish and what the Supernatural had just done, the impossible. But that’s what you expect from a rod in the calibre of the TD Battler.


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