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Meet The Crew: Jack Worthington

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My family has been big into fishing since way before I was around, so naturally a fishing rod eventually found its way into my hands. I’ve grown up and lived in the Bay of Islands my entire life, so even outside of family influences I have always been surrounded by the ocean and all things fishing. Whether it be walking home from school and watching a marlin being weighed at the wharf, or hearing of recent catches through the local grapevine, fishing is a big part of the culture up here as it is in much of NZ. 

Fishing area of specialty/favourite type of fishing?

99% of my fishing is done in my home patch and surroundings. I look forward to venturing throughout the rest of NZ and the world on fishing adventures in the future. I will be heading to Seychelles shortly for a couple of months to make the most of the tropics and fishing opportunities that come with it. Expect to see plenty of fishing content coming from me soon from over there.

I love all kinds of fishing but something about fishing landbased, casting lures for big predatory fish with your two feet planted on the rocks is unbeatable.

Most memorable catch?

It’s hard to narrow down just one fish as my most memorable catch. It would have to be a toss up between my biggest landbased snapper, largest kingfish and first marlin.


What are your Daiwa essentials?

I’m a big fan of the 4.2 and 6.2 inch Bait Junkie Minnows, particularly the 6.2 in motor oil. This softie has accounted for some of my biggest snapper. It’s perfect for slugging around on a light jig head in super shallow rocky country. Another essential in my rotation is my Certate SW 14000, Saltiga PE10 combo. This set sees plenty of kingfish action year round, I couldn’t ask for a better performing rod and reel in terms of drag, smoothness and action.


Spotfinder spot?

Bay of Islands middle foul. A very well known spot for good reason, it covers a large area throughout the bay and is easy to spot in summer, crowded with dozens or hundreds of boats. Despite the large amount of pressure it continually produces fish in both size and quantity. 

  • GPS Coordinates (or general area): 35°13'23.3"S 174°07'14.7"E
  • How to best fish this spot: Scan with sounder, find good sign and drive up on it to set up a drift. Drop softies and jigs, dead easy and always produces fish. Mainly a spawning season fishery. Alternatively anchor and strayline.


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