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With the cool winter mornings now becoming less frequent, spring is just around the corner! The Kingfish are currently in prime condition and the fishing is nothing short of stunning - if you can avoid the ever present tax man!

The fish have been holding low in the water column as the water temperature is yet to warm up. This can be challenging and you will need to have your wits about you, working hard and turning the fishes head is the only way to avoid finding the reef really quickly! The new Daiwa Saltiga’s are doing the business and we have been getting great feedback from all our clients. There is a reason we run with the best gear on Epic Adventures.

The bait fish have been rather sporadic, coming and going throughout the day. This can be make or break, with live baits still consistently outperforming jigs. However many fish are still being caught jigging, and this can be a great way to warm up on these cooler mornings!

Spring is nearly here and bookings are filling fast, so get in touch quickly as you can’t beat a spring Kingfish experience with EPIC! Big, tough, Coromandel Kingies! Get into them!

Call 0800 EPIC NZ or +64 21 886 223 today and ask to fish on KAOS.

Cheers all,

Capt. Owen – Epic Adventures

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