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Meet the Crew | Dwayne Sweeney

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If you haven’t already heard my “Tail” I was a professional rugby player for 20 years. After making my debut for Waikato Rugby at age 17, I’ve since gone on to become a Waikato Centurion, Play Super Rugby for the Chiefs, New Zealand Sevens, New Zealand Maori and played professionally in Japan for 6 seasons. I am now the host of Reel Tails with Sweens, a podcast where I connect with a wide range of people heavily based on my main areas of interest. Those being rugby, hunting and fishing. Fishing has always been a big part of my life. I was fortunate enough to grow up holidaying in Whitianga with my family and my passion for fishing was born on the wharf.

Fishing area of speciality/favourite type of fishing?

Chasing marlin in my little 4.65m boat “Mini Chiefie” has to be my favourite form of fishing. I love the process and the preparation that goes into the sport of game fishing. It was a dream of mine from a very young age to catch a marlin. I used to watch them being weighed on the Whitianga wharf and always admired their sheer size and beauty.

Most memorable catch? 

Would have to be the 190.4kg Striped Marlin caught on Mini Chiefie. What unfolded that day was a truly once in a lifetime experience. Fishing in my little boat out of my home port Whitianga with two first time anglers who have never caught a fish before let alone a marlin. We managed to land a true fish of a lifetime, the biggest striped marlin caught off Whitianga in over 50 years!

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What are your Daiwa essentials? 

Would have to be my two Daiwa Tanacom 1000 reels, on Mini Chiefie I have these set up as a teaser reel and a dredge reel. Having the ability to tow a teaser and a dredge off electric reels is an absolute game changer. I credit a lot of my success to the setup of my boat, having the Daiwa Tanacom’s allows me to present a much more effective spread with less hands on the boat as I’m obviously limited on crew numbers because of space.

I also love dropping live baits to target tough fighting Kingfish so I can’t leave out my Saltiga OH 55JP and Spartan B54 – 6/8 combo it has some serious stopping and lifting power but still lightweight and beautiful to handle.

Spotfinder spot? 

  • GPS Coordinates (or general area): 37 16.815 S . 176 09.084 E
  • How to best fish this spot: This is the exact area I caught my first Marlin, to game fisherman this area is no secret but for anyone that is keen to give it a crack it’s a great place to start. It fishes really well generally March through April, live skipjack tuna are the ticket here! Catch one rig it up and put it over, if the marlin are there you won’t have to wait long to get a shot!

Fishing playlist? 


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