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Daiwa Tech Tip: Tungsten Lure Products

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In a time of many modern advancements in fishing technology, tungsten material (W in the periodic table) has been a welcome member to many tackle boxes worldwide. Tungsten’s interchangeability of lead in common lure styles offers a hidden array of advantages aimed at giving anglers a cutting edge advantage over the target species at hand.

Tungsten is a natural material mined in China, Russia, Portugal, Austria and Bolivia – with China reported to home 75% of the world’s tungsten supply. It can be found in common household items like jewellery, phones and knife sharpeners, and more recently fishing tackle. Tungsten’s main benefits are that it’s extremely dense and extremely strong. It is also more corrosion resistant and more environmentally friendly than similar materials like lead, making it a miracle material when used in fishing products.

Tungsten can be found throughout Daiwa’s range, more specifically in our TG Kohga’s, TG Bait SLJ and Morethan Real Steel lures. The main benefit of tungsten lures in fishing is their high density. Tungsten is 1.7 times denser than lead. This high-density allows for lures to take on a relatively smaller body size without compromising weight. For example, an 100g Daiwa TG Kohga lure has a smaller profile than a 100g Kohga Bayrubber lure. Why is this a benefit?

  • Water resistance. A TG Kohga of the same weight as a Bayrubber Kohga will sink faster as it’s smaller body size faces less water resistance. This improved sinking ability also allows for better contact on the retrieve, creating an increased sense of sensitivity to fish bites.
  • Sensitivity. Tungsten lures density allows for tactile feedback as to what the lure is coming in contact with. This helps by giving anglers an idea of what type of ground they are fishing over, especially for lures that may be retrieved laterally across the seafloor like a Morethan Real Steel.
  • Matching the hatch. As a bonus, tungsten lures may also be more enticing for fish on days where they’re more interested in smaller offerings. For example, fishing a fast-sinking 45g TG Bait SLJ around an anchovie work up is likely to yield great results.

The above is not to take away from the proven effectiveness of lead-based products - that have and still do wonders for numerous fishing styles and budgets. However next time your preparing for an upcoming trip, consideration should be given to how a tungsten lure could make your next fishing experience more efficient while giving you the extra edge to help outsmart your target species.

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