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Monthly Cast - April

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The shorter days, longer nights and cooler mornings sure make it feel like we are knocking on winters door. Fortunately, the fishing continues to be outstanding with pelagic species still biting hard, Snapper & Kingy’s by all accounts are on the chew and the trout are ramping up. While the fish are making the most of the last of the warmer weather, we as anglers should be too. With Easter fast approaching April is the perfect month to take advantage of some additional days off and some great fishing on offer!

In this addition of The Monthly Cast, find out why Slipper Island is such a popular fishing destination, you’ll also get a run down on some newly released product like our flagship 22 Exist and our range of tungsten products. We then sit down and have a chat with ex-rugby player and Team Daiwa member Dwayne ‘Sweens’ Sweeney.

 We hope you enjoy!


April Fishing Report

For the Auckland Angler, April s a great month to get out on the water, the options seem endless as the warmer water dissipates & fish start to pack on condition before the onset of winter. Inshore Snapper can be targeted with smaller softies as they are tuned in to the smaller baitfish that are sticking around. Reefy wash areas are worth exploring with softies now. Snapper patrol these areas looking for a feed now that the spawning season has concluded. Out wide the Gannets are smashing bait, time is well spent adventuring out here when the weather allows. There’s a great chance to get a Kingy around these workups too. On the Kingfish front, time is well invested chasing these hard fighting battlers throughout April, they will also be packing on condition before winter and making the most of the increased baitfish numbers. As always, it’s hard to go past a live bait but stickbaits and jigs will be performing well. 

April is a great month for the offshore angler to load their Tanacom electric reels into the boat and chase deep water species like Hapuka, Bass and Bluenose. Particularly Bluenose as they begin their annual spawn and begin to congregate on offshore seamounts. Studying a chart will point you in the right direction of where to look for these beautiful eating fish and electric reels make the task of locating the fish a lot easier, especially if they are a bit thin on the ground. A good tip is to remember Bluenose aren’t always hard on the bottom so work your baits up through the fish sign or use the digital counter to stop in the fish, you might be surprised how far off the bottom they are. I like to use fresh squid and add a blue flashing LED light to the top of the rig, this combo usually puts a couple of fish on deck. 

The land-based angler has almost unlimited opportunities throughout April. Most of the surfcasters favourite species are available off the beach in good numbers and April is generally pretty settled weather wise with lower wave activity. The rock fishing fraternity will be chomping at the bit too with great Snapper and Kingy fishing on offer. Lay down a solid burley trail and the fish will come! 

For the trout team, across the board the fishing will be firing up. Our man on the ground in the South Island Ben Booth has been on fire at the canals & his clients are having an absolute ball. If you’re thinking about heading down there & need to be shown the ropes, there is no one better than Ben. On the whole as the water begins to cool, fish will disperse from the areas holding cooler water & look to pack on condition before their imminent spawning season. Whether you’re trolling, spinning, jigging or softbaiting, trout will be accessible & in good numbers. 

So team, get out there and make the most of the last of the warmer weather. We hope April is a great month & you get to enjoy plenty of time out on the water with friends & family! 


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