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On the Friday before Auckland Anniversary weekend Dan and Ben, lined up with the crowds for the busy 3pm ferry to Waiheke. The lads loaded with fishing and camping gear stood out among the crowd of weekend revellers and locals returning home after the weeks work.

The lads were met by Tony from Moocher Hunters. The truck was loaded and the adventure was underway. The hot, dusty drive to the far end of the island gave glimpses out to sea. The sea was sparkling and looked to be settled throughout the weekend.

The team was meet by another MH Sam, who had travelled out with the boat. Tents, Fishing gear, Food and other weekend essentials were loaded into the boat. A king low tide made for a tricky launch but we were soon up on the plain heading to our destination.

Base camp was hastily set up. With all the various logistics behind us, focus turned to the real task at hand. The target for the weekend was to land Kingfish from the rocks using topwater lures. The trip was going to be a testing ground for the new LTD Saltist 6500.

Considerably lighter the boat was off again. By this stage the tide had started to run and that was going to conside with the evening bite time.

Anticipation was high and following a countdown, the lures were launched. Almost immediately dark shapes started appearing behind the lures. Like a switch being flicked, all hell broke loose. A pack of kings, of varying size crashed the lures. Two of the lures were hit without hooks setting, when the dust settled Dan was connected to a respectable fish. After a short fight the fish was landed. One cast, one fish.

There was just enough light to warrant a change of spot. That decision turned out to be a good one as another healthy fish fell to the LTD 6500, just before dark.

Back at the camp a cold beer and a few laughs were shared around the fire. The body’s were refuelled and alarms were set.

Day two started before dawn. We were rigged and ready to cast as soon as the light would allow. Within an hour of sunrise a fish had been landed. The remainder of the day was spent jumping onto various rock spots and trying our luck. Almost all spots presented chances and a handful of kingfish were landed. As the sun got higher in the sky and the number of boats steadily grew, we knew our window had closed. We went back to camp and packed down.

A lot had been packed into the 24 hours. The Saltist LTD had more than proven it was up to the job. Four very satisfied anglers headed home to enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

For more information on the Saltist LTD Spinning Reels please see here.

Cheers, Moocher Hunters Tony & Sam

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