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The summer holidays are now well under way and by a stroke of genius we are experiencing some fantastic weather patterns at the moment. Big high pressure systems have been frequenting much of the country, which in turn means lots of sun and minimal wind; perfect for getting out for a fish!

When you combine this with some favourable wind directions and ocean currents, we are beginning to see some quality water temperature appearing in fairly accessible locations quite early in the season. Summer means game fishing, and we certainly haven’t been disappointed so far. With many respectable captures having already been noted, it seems as though 2019 is shaping up to be a great season!

With everyone heading wide, make sure to keep an eye on your sounder. Locating and marking any likely looking bottom sign can prove hugely rewarding. Quickly prospecting these pieces of deep rock and foul with electric reels can produce quality bottom fishing for species such as Hapuku, Bass, Gemfish, and Bluenose.

Moving a little closer to home, Kingfish have been prolific around the inshore reef systems. Getting on the water early has been key to successful topwater sessions, however live baiting and jigging has proven to be effective throughout the remainder of the day. Flat Rock and Anchorite have been holding consistent numbers, while some significant specimens have been caught recently at Horn Rock and Channel Island.

Happy New Year and good luck on the water,

From the team at Daiwa New Zealand

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